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A better BIAB book

I found this one most helpful.

For someone moving from 3 stage to BIAB brewing, this book strikes a balance between practicality and information. This book starts by describing a typical brew day, which is an extremely helpful way to begin.

On first reading the book, I had some questions. But after doing BIAB once, then reading the book again, it all made sense. Kind of like needing to play a board game in order to understand the rule book you just read.

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Handy paperback well written.

Great to have an actual book to read and refer to rather than browsing the internet. This book is very helpful intoduction to brewing in a bag and well worth reading if your moving up from kits or extract brewing. I liked the style of the way it is written, with lots of detail where needed but waffle text about things you'll never need to know. Bought a copy also for my friend at work.


    Lots of great information

    Concise and accurate information is provided, a great primer to brewing in general. Could use a proofread but otherwise I was very impressed by this book.

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      Home Brew Beer by Greg Hughes

      Home Brew Beer by Greg Hughes