Brew in a bag (BIAB)

BIAB is a great way to start brewing beer at home.  If you have already been brewing from brewing kits or malt extract and boiling your wort then all you need to move up to 'All Grain Brewing' is the bag itself.

Customarily, home brewers who wish to brew from the raw ingredients have used a method involving three separate containers to create the wort which will be fermented into beer by the yeast.  

  1. The first, Hot Lauter Tun (or HLT) is used for heating the whole volume of water required for brewing.
  2. The second, the mash tun, is used for soaking the grains in some of the water and then rinsing using the rest of the water.
  3. The third, the boiler, is used to boil the liquid with added hops.

The big advantage of the BIAB method is that only the boiler is needed.  This reduces the expense, reduces the complexity and opportunity for things to go wrong and reduces the time taken to produce the fermentable wort.  Additionally cleaning up afterwards is much simpler.