About Me

I'm a keen brewer (and drinker) of craft ales and lagers.

I started brewing in the mid 1980's from canned kits.  It wasn't until after 2005 that I started to brew from all grain and hops.  The difference in quality made it worth the extra effort with 3 vessel brewing, HLT, mash tun and boiler. 

Once I read about BIAB brewing I made a bag and had a go.  It was so much simpler way to brew my favourite beers.  I experimented with various materials for the bag and for the straps until I was really happy with it.  

I made a few bags for frinds then started to sell a few on e-bay. This helped to cover my costs for Barley, Hops, Yeast, Gas etc.  

I still sell some through e-bay but can offer a cheaper price using my own web-site.  The bags I make are top quality, really strong and with the right balance of mesh size to keep all the grains in without stopping the precious liquids from draining out.